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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                 275

could feed pigs, or dip a water-dog; but I cannot
sit down to my own business without pains in
my head and eyes that overcome me in a moment.
I cannot draw, I cannot compose, or revise my
old MSS., from physical as well as moral causes,
and I see no end to my misery.

The papers inform you of all that passes, for
I cannot bring myself to have the attention neces-
sary for the perusal of a newspaper.

I will write to Minasi, but his correspondence
ceases to give me pleasure, for the subjects he
treats of no longer interest me; indeed, " man
delights not me, nor woman either." The only
idea I can form now, not of happiness, but of
quiet existence, is to sit by your side all the time
my health and duties do not require absence.

Poor Charles Townley is gone; but I know
not what were his religious feelings in articulo

April i6th, 1801.

I will transcribe for you what I remember of
Lord Nelson's letters to Lady Hamilton, which
she has just been reading to me and others, as
they contain many curious details not in the

gazette, and which one may like to refer to at a